Kelly Ashforth – Partner

Kelly holds awards in interior design, AutoCAD and 3DsMAX throughout her university career. She gained her CCPD (CEDIA Certified Professional Designer) in 2008 when she joined a successful AV installation firm, becoming a systems designer and one of only two women in Europe with this accreditation at the time. With more than 10 years experience using the d-tools System Integrator platform she has successfully designed and managed numerous prestigious projects in the UK with values up to £1.3 million. She co-founded designflow with business partner Keith Jones in October 2015.

In 2008 Kelly designed the systems that won two CEDIA UK awards for best integrated home under £30,000 & over £250,000. Her design was also highly commended in the best home cinema over £100,000 category of the 2013 CEDIA UK awards.

Keith Jones – Partner

Keith studied Product Design at Central St. Martins where he graduated in 1996. Since then he worked in numerous high end audio outlets, culminating in owning and running his own AV installation company from 2001-2008. It was during his management of this company that Keith adopted the d-tools System Integrator package, one of the first in the UK to do so, giving him 12 years experience with this platform. After a career break he started Jones designs in August 2009. This company was the forerunner to designflow which he co-founded with his business partner Kelly Ashforth in October 2015.

In 2013 Keith won an honorable mention in the residential category of the coveted d-tools design awards for his work on the European residential tower project.

Daniel Tumata – System Designer

After spending 14 years in the AV and integration industry in New Zealand, UK, Canada and Australia, Daniel has spent the last 11 of those years as a system designer primarily using d-tools’ system integration design package.
Working on major projects up to 2.5 million USD he has a great appreciation for the time required and complex integration challenges, when faced with a major project.
With relevant qualifications from THX – THX I & THX II and CEDIA – CCPD and being one of only five professionals to hold the rigorous CEDIA – HCDS (Home Cinema Design Specialist) certification, Daniel has had a lead role in the design of many major award winning projects. These include best overall design in 2007 and best residential design in 2008 in the prestigious d-tools design awards. Daniel has also designed four CEDIA award winning projects.

Nathan Haynes – System Designer

Nathan has over 15 years industry experience with a background as an AV Technician Level II, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Technology Consultant and Designer. With 14 years of experience using the d-tools System Integration platform Nathan was one of the first professionals in Canada to receive CEDIA designer certification in 2002. Since then he has successfully designed and deployed countless projects from both residential and commercial arena’s with values up to 1.2 million CAD. Nathan’s talents are in designing immersive technology primarily focusing on audio visual and interactive distributed control systems and automated sensor networks. Currently Nathan holds Digital Media 4K Certification and has recently published white papers for Crestron International.

In 2014 Nathan won the commercial category in the coveted d-tools awards for his new build casino project.

About designflow

Designflow was formed in October 2015 from a collaboration between Jones designs and Kelly Ashforth design. Designflow exists with the sole purpose of helping system integrators to be more professional, win more jobs and be more profitable through the use of proper system design and documentation. We have helped many system integrators take their businesses on to the next level by providing them with impressive proposals, detailed design and documentation. We have also helped steer many of them around the pitfalls of being a system integrator using our vast experience within the smart building and home technology industries.