Site Packs

We can produce positional drawings, full wiring plans, and equipment elevations for any system design, to suit your requirements. We can help you look professional and experienced by getting time critical wiring plans turned around efficiently and accurately. The inclusion of equipment elevations clearly communicates exactly what is required on site. Our clear, J-standard adherent wiring and positional plans allow you to communicate clearly to all collaborators and stake holders on a project.

Engineering Packs

Reduce project management, minimise problems during installation and have fewer call outs after completion with precise thorough engineering drawings. Our detailed rack drawings and colour coded connectivity schematics will help demonstrate your engineering prowess to your clients.

Hopefully by now you should be thinking :Wow these guys’ system design is incredible and they could really help my business move forward”. But you are probably wondering “How much does it all cost and how can I afford it?”

Built-in design


Manage your client’s expectations from the project’s inception with our photo-realistic CAD visualisations. Show them the end product before any work is carried out, providing assurance that what they are committing to is exactly what they want and has the desired look and feel. 3D CAD visualisation provides a strong selling tool, allowing the client to see how the finished installation will look.

Handover Books

Handover is arguably the most important part of any job. Get it right by giving your client one of our beautiful hard-backed handover books and have them recommending you to their friends and colleagues. With the installation complete it’s time to handover to the client. Impress them with one of our stunning handover books, documenting the full system design.

Brands we work with

These are the main brands & suppliers of equipment we work with on a regular basis to produce proposals and detailed design documentation.